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Earn money renting out your camper van while you're not using it. We do the work, you collect a paycheck.

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Vanlife Industry Builders

Vanlife isn't a new concept to Simple Campers. We've been living, working, and traveling in camper vans and over-landing vehicles since 2016. Simple Campers is a passion project born out of a desire to make camping more simple and accessible.

Fully Managed: Partnership

Leave your van in Simple Campers care whenever you're not using it. Let us manage bookings, customer service, marketing, hand-offs, turn-overs, service upkeep, and more - you simply collect a payout.

Peace of mind: Insurance

$1 million in liability coverage plus up to $200k in comp and collision coverage

Free listing on Simple Campers + Wheelbase = double the exposure

Use our rental platform to maximize exposure and earn more rentals to fill up the booking calendar.
A camper van driving on the road

How we started

With a desire to bring vanlife and adventure travel into our local communities. Simple Campers launched in October 2020, with one camper van, and a simple purpose.

Our Vision

To bring simplicity and confidence to the camping experience, making adventure travel more accessible and known to our family and friends. Traveling and staying in a van is a joy that opens the heart and sparks the mind.

A view of the inside of a simple camper
A simple camper on the roadMav, the camper van on the pacific coast highway
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What makes us different?

We reduce complexity and make camping simple.

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Unique Experience

We bring simplicity to every rental. Empowering our renters to get the most out of each trip.

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Partner-first Approach

Access a partner dashboard that displays the metrics that matter.

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Long time #Vanlifers

We've lived in vans. Worked in vans. And now we help other vanlifers earn money using their own vans.

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Dedicated Support

Our team of experts manage your whole asset. Everything from marketing, to hand-offs, customer service, and more.

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