How To Choose A Simple Accommodation
February 5, 2023

How To Choose A Simple Accommodation

When we started offering rentals we only had one camper van so it made choosing an accommodation really simple. Now Simple Campers is a multi-van rental platform so categorizing the accommodations into easy to understand classes is vital in keeping the rental process simple.

We categorize all of our vans into three categories so we can better help you find the right level of comfort for your desired experience:


Hop camper van

Your first-level upgrade from tent camping. Generally, two individuals (and your furry friends) have a dedicated bed, a simple sink water supply but no shower. Sometimes a campervan will have a toilet and heat when specified.

‘Family Campers’

Family camper
Family Camper

Family Campers go one step further than campervans by offering a bath, toilet, heat, and multiple beds as a standard. These vans have a minimum of (4) seats with seatbelts that can accommodate child seats. Sometimes a Family Camper will have AC in the living space when specified.

‘Speciality Campers’

Specialty Camper

These are unique vehicles that can be used for various travel experiences and usually have all the bells and whistles for complete comfort when off-grid. Some notable features that will be in this category are 4x4, AWD, AC, and soon EV.

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